What Is the Difference Between a Circle Knitting Loom & a Long Rectangle Knitting Loom?

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Knitting looms are simple weaving tools made of plastic or wood with pegs poking out of one of the sides. Using a knitting loom is an easy process; the yarn is wrapped around the pegs of the loom to create rows of knitting. Loom knitting is perfect for people who prefer not to use yarn needles. Furthermore, loom knitting offers people with medical conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis the choice to continue their craft without suffering.

Circle Knitting Loom

While the name implies the use of a round loom, it is not the case. A circle knitting loom can have an oval, triangle, round or even a rectangle shape --- as long as the pegs are all continuous and there is no start or end point. The gauge obtained by using a circular knitting loom will be determined by the distance between the pegs --- the greater the distance, the greater the gauge. In some looms, the gauge can be changed by moving the pegs, while in others, this distance cannot be adjusted. Circular looms are also available for different sizes for socks, hats or bags.

Use of the Circle Knitting Loom

The easiest way to do circular knitting is by using a round loom. The recommended way to knit is clockwise. Follow the pattern as you would with a needle knitting pattern. Knitting counterclockwise will create problems, and some stitches may need to be substituted. The circle knitting loom creates a standard single-knit fabric.

Long Rectangle Knitting Loom

Popularly known as the knitting board, the long rectangle knitting loom is made of two parallel rakes used together to knit across. The gauge of the stitches will depend on two factors: the distance between the pegs and the distance between the rakes. The greater the distance, the bigger the gauge. Some manufacturers allow you to adjust the gauge of your board by simply changing the distance manually, while other manufacturers make their boards only available in one gauge. Furthermore, different sizes of boards are available for different sizes of scarves, blankets, hats or socks.

Use of the Long Rectangle Knitting Loom

When using the knitting board, you can produce two different types of fabrics: single-knit or double-knit. The single-knit fabric is the standard knitting fabric that is produced using yarn needles and the circular loom. The double-knit fabric can only be produced by using the knitting board and is the result of wrapping both pegs in each column across the rakes.

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