Fun spontaneous date ideas

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Going to the same old places and doing the same old things for your romantic outings can lead to some very boring dates. Instead, spice up your dates by introducing a bit of spontaneity. Add a twist to your old standby classic dates, stay at home to work on creative projects or head outdoors for some spontaneous fun.

No matter what you do, the most important thing is that you and your partner spend time together and have fun.

Classic Spontaneous Dates

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Go see a movie, but instead of going to a cinema, take your laptop and a blanket to your favourite outdoor spot. Alternatively, enjoy a takeout dinner from your favourite food establishment at a park, by the water or in your backyard under the stars. Create your own drive-in cinema with your laptop or other electronic video equipment in a location that you both enjoy.

Around the Home

If you and your partner wish to stay in, cook a meal together and eat it on a blanket on the floor as an indoor picnic. Throw some snacks together and break out the board games. Challenge each other to create a dessert made using only the grill and the food currently in the house. Make one dessert apiece and judge whose was the best at the end of the night.

Spontaneous Surprise

Plan to spend time together, but have one person choose what activity will be done together and keep it hidden from the other. Reveal the surprise only when you get there. Add some fun with blindfolds; have the blindfolded person guess where they are going.

Take-a-Pick Game

Write five places or activities each you have always wanted to go to or do around town on separate pieces of paper. Place the slips of paper into a bowl and mix them up. Have your partner pick a piece of paper; perform the activity that was on the paper as your date. Save the other strips of paper to be used at a later time.

The Travelers

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Choose a country that each of you would like to travel to and cater the evening's activities around that country or geographical area. For example, if you both wish to visit Central America, begin the night with dinner at a local Cuban restaurant and finish at a Latin dance club. Take a karate class, then go out for some sake and sushi to celebrate Japan. Finish the date with some Japanese tea. To make this a stay-at-home date, spend time looking up an appropriate recipe online. Make a shopping list and go grocery shopping together prior to making the meal. Immerse yourselves in the culture by playing music from your chosen country. Share why you would like to go to this country and things you would like to do when you got there.