Ideas for fourth grade school inventions for your home

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When fourth grade students are given a little creative freedom, they can come up with some highly utilitarian inventions for use around the home. Whether your student is in need of inspiration for a school project or simply looking for rainy day entertainment, these home invention ideas might get their creative juices flowing.

Magnetic Glove

Accidents happen, and picking up items like spilt nails and screws in the garage can prove to be a daunting task. Create a glove designed to help speed up the job by securing 1/2-inch by 1/2-inch square magnets to the finger and palm areas of a heavy duty work glove. Use the finished product to attract small metal objects that have fallen on the ground without having to pick at a dirty garage floor with your fingers.

Radio Controlled Mover

Create a device that moves a small dustbin, the remote control or other commonly-used household items using a remote controlled vehicle. Create a holder for the item on top of a radio-controlled car. Place the item inside of its holder and move it from place to place within the home via remote control, rather than getting up to retrieve the item. Covers to disguise the radio-controlled vehicle may also be designed as part of the invention.

Laundry Wagon

Students can help relieve the burden of laundry by making it easier to move. Build a laundry wagon by placing a standard laundry basket on top of a piece of plywood cut to fit the footprint of the basket. Attach four sturdy wheels that will not damage indoor floors, such as casters. Finish the wagon by tying a length of large diameter rope to the basket. The completed invention can be loaded with clean or dirty laundry and pulled to its destination, leaving one hand free for opening doors and eliminating the need to carry heavy loads.

Home Organizers

Students can begin this project by identifying one area of the home that would benefit from increased organisation. Some examples might be a desk, the mail storage area or a kitchen drawer. Once the area has been identified, design an organiser made from materials like wood or cardboard that will provide shelves, compartments or other means of keeping the area organised and clean.

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