Avenger Miter Saw Laser Guide

construction image by Greg Pickens from Fotolia.com

Powered mitre saws are handheld devices with blades ranging from about 8 to 12 inches in diameter. These small blades make clean, accurate cuts in just a few seconds with a controlled motion.

Some users have trouble cutting along a precise line with mitre saws, as the bulkiness of the machine blocks the view of the blade. The Avenger Miter Saw Laser Guide projects a thin, red laser line precisely where the saw blade will make its cut.


The Avenger Miter Saw Laser Guide is a small piece of equipment about the size of a regular washer. It is approximately 2 inches in diameter with a thickness of .36 inches. Three 1.5-V Silver Oxide SR44 batteries sit inside and power the laser.


The Avenger Miter Saw Laser Guide fits on most regular mitre saws, chop saws and sliding compound mitre saws, as well circular saws with 5/8-inch arbors. For versatility, the laser comes with bolts of several different sizes to help secure it to different types of saw bodies.


This laser guide replaces the washer on the outer blade on your saw. By replacing this washer, an accurate line is drawn by the laser. When you turn the saw on and start the blade, the laser guide automatically turns on and stays on until the cut is made and you remove your finger from the trigger. This laser guide also comes with three sets of long-lasting batteries and a plastic case.


This laser guide fits approximately 95 per cent of powered saws. Installing and using the laser guide promotes accuracy and safety, as the user doesn't have to manoeuvre the saw inappropriately to see where the blade will land. However, there is no way to know for sure ahead of time whether this laser guide will work perfectly with your saw. While it fits an array of brands and types of saws, some users have raised the complaint of an inaccurate projection by the laser. This issue is usually solved by changing the blade to a maximum thickness of 1/8 inch.