Fire & Ice Costume Ideas

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A fire and ice theme provides the opportunity to dream up creative couples' costumes; one person can go as a fire-related character or object, while the other can dress in a contrasting outfit. While you could choose to take the theme literally, with one person wearing warm colours and the other wearing cool ones, a costume that delves a little bit deeper into the theme can help you stand out from the crowd at the party.

Literal Costume

Taking a literal approach to the theme of fire and ice might not be the most creative route on paper, but adding visually striking elements to your costume will help you to construct a noteworthy getup. For instance, you could construct the base of your costume by using sequinned or shiny material you might find in a fabric or crafting store. You could sew orange, yellow and red fabric flames onto your base clothing for fire, or attach blue and white icicles constructed from paper cones for the ice costume. Paint your faces with the right colours to complete the look from head-to-toe.

Devil and Snow Angel

The person who is feeling devilish in your couple can wear all red clothing as a base for this costume. Attach a red cape, a pair of devil horns and a tail, and then carry around a red pitchfork at the party. Painting your face red is optional. Meanwhile, the angelic member of the duo can wear white and blue cool colours as their clothing base. As this person is a snow angel, it would be appropriate to bundle up in a jacket with wings strapped to the back, or to attach the halo from a pair of earmuffs.

Beach Bum and Ski Bunny

One half of this costume will require beach bum attire, while the other person will have to pile on the winter gear. For the beach bum's costume, the person should wear a swimsuit and sunglasses. Some optional additional touches could include a surfboard, a dab of sunscreen on the nose, or a pair of flippers. The ski bunny, on the other hand, should layer sweaters, winter vests, jackets, gloves, scarves, hats and other wintry gear. Some optional additional touches for this half of the costume are ski poles or snow goggles.

Sun and Snow

The sun is just about as hot as it gets, so have one person in your pair wear all yellow clothing as a base for this first part of the costume. The person dressing as the sun should also wear a pair of sunglasses. If you feel like going all out, you can also attach two pieces of circular, yellow-painted cardboard with string; the string will rest on your shoulders so that one circle will rest on your back and the other on your front. The other half of this costume is the snow, which will require white or blue base clothing. Attach a liberal amount of paper snowflakes to the base clothing using safety pins, and have the person wear earmuffs as a finishing touch.

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