Fun Jobs for Kids Under 12 to Earn Money

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It can be hard for a child under 12 to earn money at a regular job due to child labour laws and regulations; however, it is not impossible. With a little creativity, and a bit of entrepreneurial thinking, kids can work and have fun too.

Paper Route

While a daily paper route may be too demanding for a child under 12, weekly or monthly papers may consider hiring a young child for a delivery route in his neighbourhood. You may have to help your child get started with the route, but this is a time-honoured way to teach responsibility to a child and allow him to earn a little extra money.

Family Business

Participating in the family business can be a fun way for young kids to earn money while learning valuable skills. There are many clerical tasks that are appropriate for a young child such as filing papers, filling envelopes, and basic word processing. Depending on your line of business, there may be other duties that your child could complete. As a bonus, you may also be eligible for tax breaks by hiring your children.

Mother's Helper

Kids under 12 may be too young to babysit, but they are the perfect age to be a mother's helper. Mother's helpers assist a parent while the parent is still at home. The duties required will vary. Perhaps the mom or dad works from home occasionally and needs someone to play with the kids for a few hours, or maybe a mom just had a baby and would like someone to keep her toddler occupied for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

Pet Care

If your child has experience with pets, then helping neighbours with pet care can be a fun job. Dog walking is one option that can be done after school or on the weekends. Another option would be to take care of the pets while the owners are on vacation. This would include making sure all pets have food and water each day, as well as getting some play time.

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