The best questions to ask in an interview with a ceo

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When a candidate is applying for a position with a company, he will often be required to sit for one or more interviews with the company's management. In many cases, the candidate will be interviewed by the company's chief executive officer himself. In addition to being asked questions by the CEO, the candidate may be invited to ask the company head some of his own questions. The candidate should use this opportunity to demonstrate his knowledge of and curiosity about the business.

What Do You Want a Person in This Position to Accomplish?

This question shows the CEO that the candidate, even before being hired, is thinking about what he can accomplish in the position. It also demonstrates that the candidate is curious about the organisation of the company. When the CEO replies, the candidate should then attempt to cite specific reasons why he is well qualified to meet these demands, such as previous job experience, academic education and his own set of professional and personal skills.

How Do You See This Company Changing?

A candidate should also attempt to show that he is curious about not just the position he is hoping to receive, but the company as a whole. This suggests that the candidate is interested in staying with the company for the long term and that he is a team player. This will also give the candidate a better idea of what kind of company he is considering joining--one that is steady and staid or dynamic and adventurous.

In What Direction Is the Industry Moving?

In addition to asking about the company, the candidate should ask the CEO questions about potential changes in the industry. This suggests the candidate pays attention to the bigger picture and is able to situate the company within a larger context. If the candidate is able to do research into the industry before the interview, this question may also lead to an exchange of views with the CEO, one that allows the candidate to show off his own knowledge.

What Concerns Do You Have About Me as a Candidate?

Not only does this question show that the candidate is not afraid of receiving criticism, but it allows him to directly address any questions the CEO has about hiring him. If the candidate has any misconceptions about the candidate, the candidate can clarify them. Or if the CEO points to a particular weakness in the candidate's background, he can attempt to enumerate ways in which his other qualifications outweigh this drawback.

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