How to start my own pool hall or billiards business

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There are many matters to consider and organise before you can open a pool hall or start to run a billiards business. The first major issue is locating and customising suitable premises. You’ll also need to obtain tables and other equipment. Following all relevant legal requirements is essential to securing a trouble-free opening of your own pool or billiards business.


Key to the success of the enterprise is locating suitable premises. You need a lot of space for pool or billiards tables. According to the English Billiards organisation, a full size billiards table is about 3.6 metres (12 feet) by 1.8 metres (6 feet). Choose premises near existing leisure facilities if possible. Vacant warehouses or factory buildings might prove satisfactory. Contact the vendor or lessor of a suitable building for sale or lease. Make the necessary financial arrangements with your bank or building society.


Renovate the premises as necessary, taking into account access, drainage, energy efficiency, electrics, fire safety, glazing, ventilation and other matters, in accordance with The Building Regulations. Decorate the premises to your preferred scheme. Bear in mind that clientele will want to concentrate on playing pool or billiards. Loud colours, lavish adornments or distracting graphics are likely to be unwelcome. Keep the scheme plain and simple.


Take note of advice on pool and billiards table room requirements when planning the layout of the hall. For example, Top of the Cue recommends a minimum space of 6.85 metres (22.5 feet) and 5.03 metres (16.5 feet) for a 3.6 metres (12 feet) table. Within budget, buy or hire as many pool or billiards tables as you can comfortably fit into the hall.


Register as a business at Companies House to comply with the legal requirements of HM Revenue & Customs. Advertise your new pool or billiards business via social media, local newspapers, leaflets and word of mouth. Optionally hire a well known snooker celebrity -- such as Steve Davis MBE or Dennis Taylor -- to open the hall.

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