What can I put on my fence to keep cats from walking on it?

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Cats are a popular choice of pet but to some people they can be a nuisance, particularly if they jump their garden fence and subsequently spoil their garden. This can cause tension between neighbours. It is impossible to train a cat to curb their natural curiosity and agility. Fortunately there are some simple, humane ways to deter cats from trying to climb over your fence.


Tenth Life Cats recommends using double-sided sticky tape as a deterrent. Most cats do not like surfaces that stick to their paws. Use a strong double-sided tape to run the length of the fence. You will have to replace the tape often as dust, leaves and rain will reduce its effectiveness over time.

Chicken wire

Adding chicken wire to the top of the fence to create a curved lip will make it more difficult for cats to climb or jump up. Unroll the chicken wire along the ground next to your fence and cut to the desired length with pliers or wire cutters. Wrap it around the top of the fence leaving a section protruding on the opposite side of your garden. Secure the wire with tacks, ensuring they are pushed firmly into the fence.

Citrus scents

Cats have a very strong sense of smell and can be deterred from your fence area by using citrus scents such as lemon, grapefruit and oranges. According to petsinfoplace.com, cats also dislike spicy scents such as cinnamon, cayenne pepper and mustard. Try placing citrus peels or rubbing spices onto the fence. Avoid using essential oils as these can be toxic to cats.

Light reflection

If you have a tree near to the fence, threading unwanted or blank CDs on to some twine and handing them from the branches to create light reflection is an effective deterrent, suggests British Bird Lovers. Another light reflection trick is to fill some plastic bottles with water and place them around the perimeter of the fence. This will result in the cats avoiding the area.


Foil also works to create light reflection. Additionally, cats are averse to the sound and texture when they walk on it. Simply wrap kitchen aluminium foil around the top of the fence and squeeze into place. Check regularly, especially in the winter, for any rips or tears.

Specialised products

Small plastic spikes can also be used to stop cats from walking on your fence. These are available from specialist shops or garden centres.

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