How to Turn a Cluckle Into a Parrybo on Viva Pinata

A rumour by Leafos in the game "Viva Pinata" mentions that a cluckle eating five flower types turns into a parrybo. This is a game glitch and presents false information to the player. In truth, a cluckle is a domestic animal that is available for purchase from Petula's Paper Pets. A parrybo is similar to a parrot and requires certain conditions to visit and reside in your garden. Each pinata can change colour by eating different garden items.

Visit Miss Petula's Paper Pets to purchase a cluckle. Cluckles cost 1,100 chocolate coins and become available for purchase once you are a level-eight gardener. You need a cluckle in your garden for other pinatas to eat. In order to get a sour macaroon resident, your visitor must eat a cluckle.

Turn your cluckle a different colour when you feed it different garden items. Feed your cluckle a bottle of medicine to turn it pink. Feed it a bluebell seed to turn it blue. Feeding your cluckle an oak tree seed turns it green.

Breed two cluckles to make baby cluckles. To meet romance requirements, your garden must have a cluckle house. Each cluckle you breed must eat one pumpkin seed and one ear of corn.

Point your cluckle to your dragonache egg. The cluckle helps your dragonache hatch faster.

Attract a parrybo to your garden by planting a "Bird of Paradise" somewhere among the garden limits. You must be at least a level-32 gardener before a parrybo will visit.

Grow a banana tree in your garden as part of the parrybo resident requirements. Each parrybo must eat 10 bananas before becoming resident pinatas.

Make baby parrybos by placing a parrybo house in your garden. Place an eyepatch on each parrybo you want to breed, and set a pirate house among your pinata garden collection. Feed each parrybo an orchid seed and three bird of paradise seeds.

Change your parrybo's colour by feeding it Venus pinata trap; the parrybo will change to orange. A nightshade berry and a bluebell flower turns your parrybo blue. Feed your parrybo a wedge of cheese and an oak seed to turn it yellow and green.

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