How to level uneven ground

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Before you create your dream landscape, you must first ensure that your land is level. Uneven land results in runoff flooding, which could mean constant mud puddles in half of your yard. The key to levelling an uneven yard is the right equipment and a good eye for even surfaces.

Place one stake at the highest point in your yard. Place another at the lowest. Tie a string between the two stakes, making sure the string is tight.

Tie another string with a weight on the end of it in the middle of the stake's string.

Stand perpendicular to the weight and see what the angle is compared to the stake's string. This will be your guide as to how much ground you'll need to move. If the angle is more than a few degrees off of 90, then you'll most likely want to hire a backhoe to move the dirt.

Cut a line into the soil with a till along the highest point of the yard.

Remove all the dirt loosened by the cut with a shovel and retake your level measurement. If the ground is now level, move to Step 6. If not, repeat Steps 4 and 5 until the ground is level.

Roll your entire yard with a water roller to compress and level out the surface. This will eliminate any unevenness from the digging to ensure a level surface.