How Do I Get the Header Back on My Browser?

While using your Web browser, have you suddenly lost the header bars (toolbars) along the top of the window? This may happen for several reasons. Most likely, you have visited a Web page that alters the browser with JavaScript or some other scripting code.

Then, if you inadvertently closed the browser, saving the "toolbar-less view" as the default view, you are probably wondering how to get the header back on your browser. Also, Internet Explorer 9 hides the toolbars by default, but you can configure the browser to always show the top toolbars.

Click the Windows "Start" button to show the Search input box.

Type "regedit" (without quotes) into the Search input box, and press the "Enter" key. The Windows Registry Editor opens.

Navigate to and click on the following key in the Windows Registry:


Right-click inside the right pane, click "New," then click "Key" to create a new key.

Type "Internet Explorer" for the name of the new key, then click on and open the new key.

Right-click in the right pane of the Internet Explorer key, and click "New." Click the "Key" option to create another key under the Internet Explorer key.

Type "Main" as the name for the second key.

Right-click "Main," and click "DWORD (32-bit) Value" to create a new Dword value for Main.

Type "AlwaysShowMenus" as the value name, and type "1" as the value data, then click "OK."

Close the registry editor, and open Internet Explorer.

Press the "ALT" + "T" keys. The menu bar appears and stays at the top of the window. The toolbars are visible every time Internet Explorer 9 is opened.

Open Firefox.

Right-click on an empty section of the Tab strip on the top of the Firefox window.

Click the "Menu Bar" option to select, and activate the checkmark. The Menu Bar is now displayed.