How to Make a Clay Squirrel

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Making small animals from polymer clay is not difficult, and can keep children entertained for hours. Most children will love to create clay objects that they can bake and keep forever. You can also use clay squirrels as pins, jewellery, gifts, magnets and nearly anything else you can think off. Add more details to the squirrel to make it look professional, or leave it simple for a faster design.

Make two equal-sized balls of clay. Divide one ball into halves and roll into two smaller balls. Roll one of the balls flat with the roller.

Pinch off one small piece from the second ball and roll it into a smaller ball. Pinch off another small piece and roll it into an oval shape. Pinch off a third small section and roll it into a worm shape. Cut the worm shape in half horizontally.

Place the larger ball on top of the oval to make the head and body. Use the two small worm pieces for feet. Make two more worm pieces for arms. Roll two small balls and use them for ears at the top of the squirrel's head.

Attach the flat piece to the bottom of the squirrel for a tail. Use the clay shapers to add details and texturing, such as eyes, hair and a mouth. Roll two small balls of clay and flatten them against the head for eyes.

Place the clay squirrel on a baking tray. Bake the clay in a 235-degree F oven for 20 minutes per ΒΌ inch thickness of clay. For a one-inch thick squirrel, you will have to cook the clay for about 80 minutes.

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