How to Make a Miniature Tent

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Children love going camping with friends and family. Sometimes, children play with action figures, and pretend the action figures are camping. One of the main things needed for camping trips is the tent. Creating a pretend miniature tent for children is simple, and each tent is large enough for two dolls up to 12 inches tall. The tent is made using simple materials that many people keep in their home. Make several of these tents for children, and let the children create a whole campground for their dolls or action figures.

Cut out a 6-by-14-inch piece of cardboard. Lie the cardboard on a flat surface with one of the narrow ends facing you.

Measure across the 6-inch end facing you, and mark the cardboard at the 3-inch mark using a pencil. Repeat this procedure on the 6-inch side facing away from you.

Plug in the glue gun, and let it get hot. Apply a small dab of hot glue to one end of the wooden dowel. Press the glued end of the dowel onto the spot you marked on the side of the cardboard facing away from you, dowel pointing straight up. Hold it in place until the glue adheres. Repeat the process with the second dowel on the mark on the cardboard facing you. This creates the poles for the tent.

Tie one end of the dental floss to the top of the wooden dowel (tent pole), and make a knot. Any kind of knot works, as long as, it is tight. Stretch the dental floss across to the other wooden dowel, and tie it the same way. The floss should be tightly stretched between the two dowels. This makes the tent frame.

Lay the plastic tablecloth on a flat surface, and cut a piece 14-by-27 inches. Drape the plastic over the tent frame, so one of the 27-inch-long sides faces you. Position the plastic, so there is an even amount on both sides of the dental floss.

Run a thin line of glue across the right side of the cardboard, and press the plastic against it. Repeat this procedure on the left side of the cardboard. Let it cool for 10 minutes. Trim off the excess plastic from each side, and your miniature tent is ready for use.

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