How to Become a Knight as Ash Dragonblade in "Dragon Fable"

Becoming a Knight is the lifelong goal of the NPC Ash Dragonblade in the online role playing game "DragonFable". When you encounter him, you already will be a legendary warrior in the land, causing Ash to ask you to help him become a Knight. Agreeing to do so will gain you experience, gold, and the ability to buy from the ArchKnight Store, and will give you the Blade of Destiny, a powerful sword.

Purchase a Dragon Amulet or become a Guardian. In every game in Artix's AdventureQuest world, which includes "AdventureQuest," "DragonFable," "MechQuest" and "AdventureQuest Worlds," content is available only to members who've paid a one-time donation of £12.90. Ash Dragonblade's quest is part of that exclusive content. Players who've made the donation to "AdventureQuest" will be able to have their character in "DragonFable" become the Guardian class, which gives them some of "DragonFable's" exclusive content, such as Ash Dragonblade. Players who make the donation directly to "DragonFable" are given a Dragon Amulet, which also grants access to Ash. Lacking the donation, Ash will ask for your help but you will not be allowed to accept the quest.

Level your character until you attain level 50.

Travel to Falconreach.

Speak to Ash in the main square of Falconreach. He will offer you a quest to help him become a Knight. Accepting will add him to your party.

Complete Ash's quest chain. It is one of the longest quest chains in the game. During it Ash will explore the Crypt of Darkovia, confront necromancers and rescue a princess. As with most quests, the game will take you to where you need to be. At the end, he will become not just a Knight, but an ArchKnight.

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