How to fix tights

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Tights, or pantyhose, are susceptible to being ripped, torn or laddered owing to the fragile nature of the fabric. You will recognise a snag because it appears as a hole or run down the tights. If you are working in an office or on the way to an interview, this could be frustrating and embarrassing. But, it is a common mishap and could happen to anyone. To fix it, all you need is some clear nail varnish and some hairspray.

Assess the size of the hole or tear. If it is small enough, then you do not need to take the tights off to fix them. However, for longer runs, remove them so that the nail polish won't stick to your skin.

Open the nail varnish. Dab the brush in the pot, and get rid of the excess varnish by smearing the brush just inside the rim of the nail varnish jar.

Press the brush around the edge of the hole, or along the length of the ladder to fix it. Do not apply too much or else it will not dry quickly. Apply about 6 mm (1/4 inch) depth of polish around a hole to stop it from laddering.

Spray hairspray on top of the nail varnish. Do this lightly and from a distance to avoid saturating the tights and making your clothes smell too much of hairspray.

Wait a few minutes for the nail varnish and the hairspray to dry.

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