How to Bathe Bearded Dragons

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Bearded dragons are desert reptiles, but they still need to be bathed about once a week. Bathing is important for cleanliness, as the bearded dragon's feet and tail tend to get dirty from time to time. Giving your pet a bath also provides much-needed hydration and aids in shedding.

Get the bath water the right temperature. The bath water should be warm -- 90 (for juveniles) to 37.8 degrees Celsius (for adults) -- similar to the temperature at which you would bathe a small child. Your bearded dragon might let you know that the water is too hot or too cold by trying to climb back up your arm when you lower the dragon into the bath, but checking the temperature using a thermometer is more accurate and safer than guesswork.

Run the water until it reaches the height of the bearded dragon's shoulders when it is standing in the tub. This depth allows the dragon to put its feet down at intervals to rest, while also being deep enough for it to swim around if desired.

Be ready to scoop the poop. Bearded dragons almost always defecate when they are in the water. When this happens, scoop out the bowel movement with the plastic cup before the dragon has a chance to swim through it.

Let your bearded dragon soak in the bath for 15 to 20 minutes. This is enough time for the dragon to enjoy itself, and for most of the dirt to loosen and dissipate.

Towel dry your bearded dragon after its bath. This will prevent loose substrate from sticking to it when it is placed back in its tank.

Place your bearded dragon under its basking light. This helps to regulate its body temperature after the bath.

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