How to Use Marquee Tools in Fireworks

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Marquee tools select pixels in Adobe Fireworks. These selection tools allow you to edit only portions of an image, leaving the rest of the image alone. Marquee selections can be moved, edited, added to, cut or copied. They also can be erased, have filters applied or the colour of the selection changed. As long as an area is selected, it can be manipulated. There are several marquee tools; the marquee, lasso and magic wand are the most familiar in Fireworks.

Go to "File," "Open" and double-click on a bitmap image. Click on the Marquee tool from the toolbox. It's a rectangle icon that reveals a crosshair cursor when selected.

Click and drag the marquee cursor to select a small portion of the image. Marching ants appear to indicate a selection.

Click inside or outside the selection or hold "Ctrl" and click "D" to deselect the selection. Click and drag to create a new selection.

Move the marquee cursor inside the selection to reveal a white arrow with a marquee icon on the end. This moves the selection only.

Hold the "Shift" key. Click and drag the marquee cursor to overlap the first selection, making two selections into one selection.

Hold the "Ctrl" key and move the marquee cursor inside the selection to reveal a black arrow with an icon of scissors attached to the end. Click on the inside of the image, which will cut the selected portion from the image.

Click the Lasso tool, which is a free-form selection tool. The lasso icon will appear over the image.

Click and drag it around a portion of the image. To close the selection, click on the start of the selection.

Go to the Properties panel at the bottom of the interface.

Click the drop-down arrow to change the edge setting to "Feather." Make the pixel settings to 10.

Click the Magic Wand tool that selects similarly coloured pixels in an image.

Click on a portion of the image with coloured pixels that are alike.

Go to the "Properties" panel to change the settings for the Magic Wand tool. The tolerance level ranges from zero to 255. The default is 32. It chooses pixels of the selected colour up 32 shades darker or 32 shades brighter.

Click the drop-down arrow and the move the tolerance slider to change the level.

Select the drop-down arrow of the "Edge" option. The options are hard, anti-alias and feather. Feathering is most popular for blurring the edge.

Go to "Select" and "Contract Marquee" from the menu. A dialogue box will appear to remove pixels from the selection. The default is 10 pixels. Click inside the form and type the number to change the pixel amount.

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