How to Make a Cape With Lining

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Make your own cape to complete any costume. Superheroes and many fantasy characters wear capes; make your own when dressing up. Not only can you personalise it the way you want, but it will be much cheaper than purchasing one. Simple capes can be made in an afternoon. If you want to add a hood or extensive embellishments, it may take a bit longer to create your cape. Purchase fabric that fits with the costume; heavier fabric may not work for a superhero costume.

Measure from the bottom of the neck to the place on the body you want the cape to fall. A short cape should land around the waist. Superhero capes typically fall to the calves or ankles.

Cut out a half circle of fabric. Place one end of the measuring tape at the top of the fabric and measure down to the measurement you just took. Use fabric chalk to make a mark. Move the measuring tape around in a semicircle, making marks along the way. Cut along the line.

Measure six inches from the top of the cape and make a mark. Continue making a mark in a half circle again; this is for the neck opening.

Repeat the above process on the lining fabric. Pin the two fabrics together with right sides facing each other.

Sew the two fabrics together, leaving an opening of about four inches. Turn the lining right side out through the opening and iron the cape flat.

Pin a length of ribbon to the lining side of the cape along the neck opening. Make sure you have enough ribbon hanging off the sides to tie around the neck.

Stitch around the entire cape about a quarter inch from the edge. This will help the cape lie flat, as well as close up the opening. It will also hold the ribbon in place.

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