How to make a viking outfit

Steve Baccon/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Vikings sailed the high seas during the Middle Ages, pillaging and destroying enemy villages. Viking costumes are popular for Halloween and for characters in games like live action role playing.

Additionally, many fans of the Minnesota Vikings football team will dress up in novelty Viking costumes in support of the team. Making a Viking outfit involves some basic needlework and creativity.

Attach fur to your vest and boots. Since Vikings hail from the Nordic lands, they needed to keep warm with animal furs. You can purchase fake animal furs from a craft store or online. Using your needle and thread, stitch the fur to the neck of your vest and the tops of your boots.

Attach metal grommets to the fringes of your vest. These grommets are decorative and provide a hardened, dangerous look to your Viking aesthetic.

Adorn your helmet with decorations. You may wish to glue some extra metal grommets to the helm, or perhaps some plastic horns, which are typical in Viking helmets. If you have extra fur, you may line the base of your helmet with it.