How to Use a Paper Creaser Images

When creating books and greeting cards, you will achieve a perfect crease that looks professional when you use a paper creaser. Paper creasing tools, otherwise referred to as bone folders, are made from genuine pieces of bone. Alternatively, you can purchase plastic bone folders in arts and craft stores. When creasing paper with your fingers, the result will be bumpy and crinkly. However, bone folders will score and crease your paper with a clean finish.

Decide where you want to place the crease on your paper. Place a ruler onto the paper in this area. You will be scoring the area where you want the crease, so be sure you place the ruler on the inside of the card or book you are making.

Pull the side edge of the bone folder along the edge of the ruler onto the paper. This will score the paper, allowing for effortless folding. Score only a few times and apply only moderate pressure. Do not press too hard or you may rip your paper.

Fold the paper by hand, with the scored line on the inside.

Place the folded paper on a surface, and press the bone folder along the edge of the fold to crease the paper. Use the top, smooth area of the bone folder, dragging it slowly across the fold to create a perfect crease.

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