How Do I Treat Chapped Skin on My Nose From a Cold?

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A cold can be miserable enough without the added irritation of a severely chapped nose. Wiping and rubbing your nose can't always be avoided when you are sneezing due to your cold. A red, chapped nose can be treated with a few simple steps and attention to the sensitive areas of the face.

Blow your nose with tissues treated with lotion. These are slightly more expensive than regular tissues, but can be worth it. In addition to being softer on the nose when you rub, they have the added bonus of continually adding small amounts of moisture to your dry nose.

Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to your nose and the skin just below the area of your nostrils to help sooth irritation. Even if you use a lotion tissue, as in Step 1, this step helps moisturise your skin and protects your nose from the elements, particularly when it is cold or rainy outside.

Wash your face with sensitive skin soap. Your skin may be raw and is particularly vulnerable to rubbing. Be careful when you wash your face. Use your hands and fingers to rub your delicate nose area, instead of rubbing with a cloth. Pat your face to dry it, instead of wiping, and apply a small amount of sensitive skin lotion afterwards

Drink plenty of water to benefit your skin from overall body hydration. Moisture is key to your skin healing. Avoid long, hot, drying showers and, if possible, keep a humidifier on so the air in your home is not overly-dry.

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