How to Attach a New Rubber to a Slingshot

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Slingshot bands are made out of narrow, heavy-duty surgical rubber that are difficult to attach to the slingshot pouch and prongs. Lubricating the rubber will ease the installation process. Some lubricants, such as soap, will corrode rubber once they have dried.

Rubbing alcohol provides temporary lubrication and dries without leaving residue or causing corrosion, making it the perfect choice for this task.

Purchase replacement slingshot rubber at a sporting goods vendor or online store.

Find the slit cut into the side of the rubber tube.

Grab one end of the tube and pinch it shut. Feed the pinched end through the slingshot pouch eyelet and into the slit.

Work the pinched end through the inside of the tube and out the opposite end using your thumb and forefinger. Pull the tube tight so that the rubber creates a firm loop around the slingshot pouch eyelet.

Dip the end of the rubber tube into rubbing alcohol and stretch it one inch onto the empty band prong.

Rotate the tube on the prong so that the slingshot pouch is properly aligned.