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How to Stop Birds From Waking Me Up

Updated February 21, 2017

Unless you're an extremely deep sleeper, many common sounds produced by birds such as flapping wings, chirping and singing can interrupt your sleep. You can hear these noises from sleeping outdoors, living in an apartment or house with thin walls, birds landing or nesting on windowsills or keeping birds in a room where you're sleeping. Whether you're dealing with noise originating from outside or inside your home, you must reconsider your way of sleeping, the place where you sleep and the methods you have used in the past to scare birds away from your home.

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  1. Wear foam or silicone earplugs to block out the noise.

  2. Listen to a sleep sound machine while you sleep. Sound machines create noise such as ocean waves, rain, wind and "white" noise that drown out other types of noise. You can find these machines at many large department stores, pharmacies and online.

  3. Change the position of the furniture in the room where you sleep. For example, move your bed away from windows so you're farther away from any outside noises.

  4. Move pet birds to an area on the other side of your apartment or house. This will not only stop the birds from waking you up with their noise, but also provide you with a healthier sleeping environment - especially if you have asthma or allergies - by removing the source of dust particles created by faeces, feathers and bird dander.

  5. Place one or more scarecrows outside in areas where birds gather. Check with a local farm and agricultural store representative or pest control agent to find out the best type of scarecrow for the type of birds that you're dealing with.

  6. Install bird guards - such as spikes, bird slopes or sticky gel - on windowsills, ledges or eaves where birds perch to prevent the birds from landing or nesting. Spikes scare birds and remove landing surfaces, slopes cause birds to slip or slide off an area and sticky gel creates uncomfortable sensations on birds' feet.

  7. Warning

    Earplugs can prevent you from hearing other sounds such as alarms.

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Things You'll Need

  • Foam or silicone ear plugs
  • Sleep sound machines
  • Scarecrow
  • Bird guards

About the Author

Based in Southern Pennsylvania, Irene A. Blake has been writing on a wide range of topics for over a decade. Her work has appeared in projects by The National Network for Artist Placement, the-phone-book Limited and GateHouse Media. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Shippensburg University.

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