How to Use Drop Off Bite Indicators

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Attached to the fishing line at the pole, bite indicators are designed to help fishermen detect the lightest of hits. Drop-off style bite indicators are used primarily when predatory fish, such as pike, are feeling finicky. As the name suggests, drop-off bite indicators "drop-off" the fishing line when a fish takes the bait. As the indicator falls from the line it triggers an electronic alarm with an audible tone, alerting the fisherman of a strike.

Place a rod rest near the shoreline or place a clamp-on rod rest on the side of your boat. Cast the bait and set the fishing rod in the rod rest.

Set the bite alarm in a convenient spot adjacent to the base of the rod rest or handle of the fishing rod.

Attach the clip on the drop-off bite indicator to the fishing line at the point where the line leaves the reel.

Attach the tag end of the drop-off indicator to the alarm, as per the alarm's instructions.

Do not set the alarm so close to the water that it can fall in when the bite indicator falls from the line.

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