How to open an oven drawer that is stuck

Some ovens have a storage drawer under the oven door. The storage drawer is a convenient place to store pots, pans, baking trays and other cooking utensils. Unfortunately, sometimes the storage drawer is too full. When this happen one of the utensils becomes jammed at the top of the drawer preventing the drawer from opening. Opening an oven drawer that is stuck is a matter of adjusting the utensil that is jamming at the top of the drawer.

Grab the drawer handle and shake the drawer as much as possible. Sometimes this is enough to dislodge or settle the obstructing utensil.

Insert a long spatula or a ruler in between the top of the drawer and bottom of the oven door. Sweep the spatula or ruler side to side. Once you feel the obstructing utensil, attempt to slide it with the spatula or manoeuvre the spatula over the top of the utensil and press it down as much as possible. Grab the drawer handle and attempt to open the drawer as you are pressing down on the utensil.

Open the oven door fully, if the oven drawer is still stuck. There is a small gap between the oven door and the front of the oven when the door is fully open. There is also a small cap at the top of the drawer that is accessible through the gap between the door and oven.

Look through the gap of the oven drawer and slide the spatula or ruler down into the drawer. Manoeuvre the utensils you see with the spatula. Reach under the door and pull on the drawer handle as you are moving utensils with the spatula. This is usually enough to adjust the jammed utensil enough to open the drawer.

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