How to Make Chinese Drums

Henry Gan/Photodisc/Getty Images

Though Chinese drums come in many forms, perhaps the most famous and emulated is what is known as a Chinese rattle drum. Not only is making this drum a perfect craft for kids, the fact that the rattle for the drum is attached also makes it a perfect drum for kids.

An all-inclusive drum makes for less mess and less pieces to lose. The basic design of a Chinese rattle drum can be decorated in any manner you wish, once you have put it together.

Cover the box and lid with decorative tissue paper, using the glue to secure the tissue paper in place.

Allow glue to dry thoroughly.

Poke small holes opposite each other midway through the thickness of the box.

Cut two equal lengths of string.

Tie a knot at the end of each piece of string and thread a bead on each piece.

Push the unknotted end of string through the holes on the box, then tie a knot to prevent the string from slipping through.

Cut a small X on the bottom of the box, midway through the thickness. The X should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the spoon handle.

Push the handle of the spoon through the X so that the spoon remains in the box. The handle should fit tight.

Add a bit of glue to the place where the box and spoon meet to strengthen the seal.

Glue the lid to the box.

Allow all glue to dry and decorate as you wish to finish your drum.