Troubleshooting an Electrolux WT65 Dishwasher Machine

The Electrolux WT65 dishwasher is a hood-style dishwasher, which means it has a stainless steel hood that lifts up or down over the dishes. The unit can be used in commercial or residential applications and heats water between 48.8 and 82.2 degrees C to clean and sanitise dishes. It also has an automatic drain pump, stainless steel nozzles and automatic detergent and rinse aid dispensers. If you experience problems with your Elextrolux WT65 dishwasher, try troubleshooting the problems yourself first before calling in a service person.

Turn off and unplug the Electrolux WT65 dishwasher if it is not cleaning well. Locate the suction filter in the bottom of the tub and remove the filter by pulling up on the handle. Wash the filter with water and then slide it back into place.

Clean out the jets on the spray arms with a clean, damp cloth if dishes are not as clean as desired. Repeat the wash cycle if necessary and do not overload the Electrolux WT65 dishwasher.

Add a rinse aid and use a hot water cycle if glasses and dishes are not thoroughly rinsed at the end of the cycle.

Use professional-specific automatic dishwasher detergent if there are stains on glasses or foam in the tank. Run a drain cycle if necessary and run an empty cycle to remove the excess foam from the tank.

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