How to Make Marble Resin Statues

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Marble is a beautiful stone that artists have used for millennium to create statues the world over. Sculpting with marble can be difficult, requiring years of dedication before acquiring enough skill to bring your vision out of the stone.

An alternative exists which can provide you with statues that look like marble without the necessity of taking chisel and hammer in hand. Using plastic resin and powered marble, you can make marble statues full of grace and beauty in just hours using a rubber mould.

Pour the plastic resin into three cups, adding the two resin components in the ratio recommended by the resin manufacturer.

Add the powdered marble slowly to the cups. Use three separate pigments of marble, one for each cup to create a true marbled look. Use photos of actual marble to choose compatible colours, matching the colour of the powders with the colours of the marble. Stir the powdered marble into the resin using a paint stick. You want to use as much of the marble powder as possible in the resin while not thickening the mixture to greatly to flow, slightly less thick than honey.

Add the marble mixtures to the mould at the same time. Rotate the mould by hand to cover the outside of the mould in a layer of the marble resin. Keep the mould in continuous movement, gently allowing the resin to build up a gelled coat on the inside of the mould. The different resins will streak across the mould surface, creating a random marbled pattern. Listen to the resin inside the mould as you rotate it, when there's no sound or feel of the moving resin then it's gelled enough to stop rotating.

Mix three more batches of the resin without the marble, one at a time, and add to the mould, rotating the mould to build up the thickness of the walls of the cast statue. Use the same process of applying the resin to the mould as used with the coloured resin, rotating the mould until you no longer hear or feel the resin in motion due to gelling. Continue adding additional resin layers until you feel you have a casting that's of sufficient thickness to withstand breakage from normal use.

Allow the resin to cure completely according to manufacturer's suggested curing times. Remove the cultured marble statue from the mould by separating the mould halves or peeling away the rubber of the mould from the marble.

Clean the surface of the resin with a soapy cloth then rinse with water. Rub the surface of the statue with very fine steel wool to remove the thin layer of plastic covering the cultured marble resin. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth.