How to Build Your Own Carnival Shooting Gallery

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Setting up your own backyard carnival water pistol shooting gallery is one way to beat the heat and have some fun while you're at it. Let kids take turns setting up the targets and shooting them down. Older kids can use bigger targets and more powerful water guns. The goal is to knock down the targets, and getting wet is just a happy side effect.

Set a long, narrow folding table where you want your shooting gallery to be. To protect the table, cover it with a plastic table cloth and use duct tape to secure the edges under the table.

Set five plastic shoe boxes on end across the front edge of the table. These will hold the targets for your shooting gallery.

Set a lightweight rubber duck, the kind sold as bathtub toys, on top of each box. Set a ping pong ball on either side of each duck. These are the shooting gallery targets.

Line up shooters about 5 feet from the table and give each one a water pistol. The shooters take aim and shoot at the ducks and the ping pong balls, trying to cause them to fall off their bases.

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