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How to Make Your Voice Lighter

Updated July 20, 2017

A light voice is a characteristic that many vocalists strive to achieve; even if your voice is naturally dark, there are still ways to increase the flexibility and lightness of your voice. Each voice will be different, but the basic techniques for modifying the sound of your voice stay the same. Learning to control the sound and texture of the voice is something that all professional vocalists must learn to do. Professional singers often find that small, subtle modifications can make the difference in securing a singing job.

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  1. Eliminate the consumption of alcohol and reduce intake of dairy products. Alcohol dries your throat and dairy creates phlegm, resulting in a thicker sound.

  2. Avoid using a flat tongue when singing. Placing the tongue flat against your mouth is harmful as it creates tension within the vocal folds. It also creates a hoarse sound with an inability to dictate clearly.

  3. Adjust your tongue until you feel a resonance in your nasal cavity. This will increase the amount of ring in your voice and allow you to sing with a natural lighter voice.

  4. Learn to sing in the head voice register. To accomplish this, sing a scale starting at a low point in your range. Sing until you feel a register change in which the forehead creates the sensation of vibration. Head voice is a healthy way to sing lighter music.

  5. Select music that is in your register. If you are a soprano, do not sing mezzo literature, as it will not fit your voice properly. Evaluate your range and find the voice type that is most comfortable for you.

  6. Tip

    Work with your natural vocal register. Don't try and become a soprano if you are obviously a mezzo.


    Avoid techniques that force you to sing with a breathy technique by compressing the vocal folds. This is harmful to your voice. Don't sing with your jaw forward; keep it relaxed and natural.

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