How to Fade Pictures on Paint

Microsoft Paint is a built-in basic graphics painting program that is included in almost all versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. Paint, unlike other graphics software, is very basic and there is no direct way to fade a picture. However, you can manipulate the image resolution to create a fading effect to your image. Note that you may require administrative rights on certain images to make the necessary changes.

Launch Microsoft Paint from the start menu.

Click the "File" tab and select "Open" to open the image you want to edit.

Click the "Object" menu tab and point to "Image." Click to choose "Create Image Object."

Enter "36" in the "Resolution PPI" box. Return to the image.

Click and drag one of the edges of the image into a bigger size image. Make sure you stretch the image across the white area in Paint.

Navigate back to the "Create Image Object" menu. Change the "Resolution PPI" to 300. Return to the image again.

Click one of the edges of the image and drag it back to the original size. This will create a faded effect on your image.

Click the "File" tab and select "Save."

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