How to Keep a Calla Lily From Falling Over

Technically not a lily, the calla lily shares similarities to flowers in the lily family. Tall and stately, with elegant blossoms sitting atop slender stems, calla lilies add a distinct beauty to any flower garden. When calla lilies begin to bloom, you may notice they need support. You can keep calla lilies from falling over by providing effective support for each flower stem.

Insert bamboo stakes into the soil at the time you plant the calla lily rhizome. Plant each rhizome approximately 6 inches deep and about 18 inches apart. Insert bamboo stakes into the soil about 3 inches from the centre of the rhizome and about 4 inches deep.

Water the calla lily rhizomes and watch for them to sprout. Keep the soil evenly moist while the calla lily stems grow taller during the growing season.

Tie each stem to a bamboo stake gently with elastic plant ties when the stems grow 12 to 18 inches tall. Gently pull each stem to the support stake and loop a tie around the stem. Cross the ends of the tie once, and then loop the ends around the stake. Tie the ends securely, making the ties only tight enough to keep the stems secured. This "figure-eight" looping will prevent damage to the stem and keep the calla lilies supported.

Add another tie to the stems as they grows taller, if necessary, to ensure the lilies stay supported by the stakes.

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