How to make tree-stump chairs

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If you have an unsightly tree stump in your yard, turn it into a piece of artwork that will attract the attention of anyone who sees it. You can add form and function to the stump by turning it into a tree-stump chair.

The process is simple, and with the use of an angle grinder, the results are limited only by your creativity.

Draw a 16-inch by 24-inch rectangle on the top of the stump with a marker. Position one narrow edge of the rectangle where you want the front of your chair. The space on the left and right sides of the rectangle will comprise your armrests, and the space between the back edge of the trunk and the rectangle will comprise your backrest.

Remove the wood from the rectangle with the angle grinder. Start at the front and cut vertical strips into the wood in a downward motion as you move from right to left. After finishing the first row, continue to work back and across until all of the wood is removed. Cut down approximately 18 inches to create the depth of the armrests and backrest. You can work to keep the edges smooth for a finished look, or you can keep the edges somewhat rugged for a rustic look.

Coat the bare wood (not the bark) with clear polyurethane and a paintbrush to help protect the wood from drying out and turning light grey. If you prefer to allow the trunk to dry out and turn grey, forgo this step. Allow at least 48 hours before sitting in the chair if you choose to coat it.