How to Use the Magic Mitre

The Magic Mitre is a carpenter's best friend; it is a device used to both measure and cut the perfect angle for skirting boards, covings and more. Each wall, ceiling and floor is different, and trying to get a perfectly accurate measurement of angles is often quite difficult.

The Magic Mitre comes with a tool that precisely measures angles and a built-in angle template which holds the material in place so you can make the perfect cut.

Hold the angle measuring tool against the corner of which you want to measure. Adjust the two sides of the tool so they lay flat against the wall (or surface).

Position the angle measuring tool on top of the Magic Mitre. Adjust the arms of the Magic Mitre by pushing the centre console forward or backward until the arms are set at the same angle as the angle measuring tool. The nuts on the top of the Magic Mitre arms should be aligned with the holes on the angle measuring tool.

Press the angle measuring tool down onto the Magic Mitre and lock it into place to set the angle.

Insert the wood (or other material) you wish to cut into the Magic Mitre. Insert the material on the left arm of the Magic Mitre to cut an angle facing left or the right arm to cut an angle facing right.

Hold a hand saw in your cutting hand and insert the blade into the centre groove, or cutting area, of the Magic Mitre.

Hold the wood in place with your non-cutting hand.

Saw the wood until it cuts all the way through.

Remove the wood from the Magic Mitre.