How to Use Incense to Cover the Smell of Cigarettes

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One way to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke is to mask it with another smell. Incense, which has been used since ancient times for religious ceremonies, comes in a variety of scents that will overpower the smell of stale tobacco. Incense is available in various forms, but one of the safest to use is the "cored stick" type, which will not break off or fall out of the incense burner while smouldering. Incense is simple to light, but must be constantly supervised to avoid starting a fire.

Place the incense burner on a non-flammable surface in the affected room. Place one or more incense sticks in the burner.

Light the incense sticks by holding a match to the coated end for about 10 seconds. The incense sticks should flare up, then begin to smoulder.

Allow the incense to burn until the cigarette smell is covered. Check the incense periodically. Do not leave home while it is burning.

Extinguish the incense sticks by placing them in water.

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