How to Cancel a McAfee Auto Renewal

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McAfee provides antivirus, firewall and encryption services that are designed to keep computer systems free of viruses and security invasions. Its products provide network security and are sold to homes and businesses. McAfee clients are automatically enrolled into the company's auto renewal program with each paid subscription. This automatic renewal is designed to prevent service interruption. However, the automatic renewal option is not a requirement for the subscription services.

Log in to the McAfee account, using your e-mail address and password. Use the email address and password that you used to set up the initial account. Select the "Forgot Password" link if you cannot recall your password. Follow the instructions to have a new password e-mailed to you.

Select the "My Auto-Renewal Settings" tab under the main account menu. Click the "Turn Off" link to disable the automatic renewal setting.

Contact the McAfee customer service department for assistance to receive answers to your questions and concerns. Choose the online chat or phone option for immediate assistance. Elect the email option if your question or concern can wait 24 to 48 hours for a response.

Cancel the automatic renewal options at least 40 days prior to the subscription's expiration date to allow plenty of time for cancellation processing. Avoid last minute cancellation requests because the McAfee auto renewal will process the renewal payment 30 days before the current subscription expires.

Speak with a McAfee customer service representative directly if you want to cancel your automatic renewal within the last 30 days of the current subscription. Take note of any confirmation numbers that are provided during the conversation for future reference.

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