How to Bandage a Cat's Spay Incision

Just like circumcision, spaying or neutering your cat is a personal decision that must be made. While cats can be spayed or neutered at anytime, including when they're pregnant, it is best to get this procedure done as soon as they reach sexual maturity. Female cats are spayed. Male cats are neutered. This procedure is pretty basic and can be compared to the human surgeries hysterectomy and vasectomy. The bottom line: both sexes will be relieved of their sex organs that make procreation possible.

Clean out any germs and bacteria by gently cleaning the incision area with a mild salt water solution and a soft sponge. This does not need to be done every time, but when the wound has dirt or fecal matter on it, it is necessary.

Allow the area to dry completely so the tape will stick. Place a piece of sterile gauze that covers the entire area over the incision site. Tape the gauze into place.

Use the long strip of cloth to make a many-tailed bandage if your cat does not leave the incision site alone or tries to take the bandage off. Lay out the strip of cloth and at both ends cut several strips into the cloth. Wrap the bandage around your cats middle and tie the strips together on top of the cat's back.

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