How to cope with the death of my husband Images

Losing your husband is an enormous blow to your entire world. The person you were closest with is now gone, and your everyday routines have been dramatically shaken. Indeed, when your husband dies you may feel like it's impossible to go on. However, this is not the case. It takes time and it's not pleasant, but you can move forward with your life and be happy again without letting go of your husband's memory.

Eat healthy foods and go to the gym. By taking care of yourself, you will have more energy and you will feel better-equipped to deal with your husband's death. If you don't, however, you will feel unhealthy and everything will be that much harder.

Take your first few months one step at a time. While your husband's death is going to require you to make a lot of changes in your life, you don't need to make these changes right away. Losing your husband was an enormous change, so you should try to minimise other changes, at least for a little while.

Accept that grieving is not linear. You may feel better for a few hours, then feel terrible again, then feel better for a few days, then feel terrible again. If you recognise this characteristic of grief, you will find it much easier to cope.

Talk to people about how you feel. Articulating your feelings helps you get to the bottom of them and gets them off your chest. This keeps them from bottling up inside you and gives you some catharsis.

Do at least one activity per day. This could be going for a walk, meeting a friend or just reading a book in a coffee shop. This gives structure to your day and also distracts you from your grief.

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