How to Treat Corns on a Dog's Foot Pad

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Corns generally are caused by walking incorrectly or on very hard surfaces. The hardened skin that forms is rough and uncomfortable and can cause pain for humans. All of these causes and symptoms are also relevant to dogs. After lots of walking on tough surfaces, your dog may develop a corn on its foot pad. Your dog should not have to suffer with this affliction, just like humans shouldn't, so take the time to treat the corns properly.

Take your dog for a visit to the veterinarian. Your vet should be consulted before any treatment is attempted on the corn.

Bring your dog back to the vet for a follow-up appointment if hulling has been recommended. Only your vet can hull the corn, which basically means elevating and removing the corn.

Follow up a hulling treatment by applying an antiviral medication to the area, as prescribed by your vet.

Soften the corn by applying corn medicine if your vet feels this is a better option than hulling. As with humans, corn medication can sometimes soften and alleviate the corn.

File the corn yourself, as long your vet recommends it and shows you how, using a file. This needs to be done very carefully to avoid irritating the surrounding foot pad.

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