How to Own a Footlocker Franchise

Foot Locker represents one of the most popular athletic apparel stores in the United States. Owning a Foot Locker franchise can potentially bring a large amount of revenue. However, you will need to take a host of steps to become the owner of a Foot locker franchise. including having substantial capital available. Taking pride and care in each phase of the process will maximise your chances of acquiring a franchise and of ultimately making money from your new venture.

Assess whether you have the means to own a franchise. Foot Locker does not offer any publicly available information about obtaining a franchise. Most franchises, such as fast food chains, require an applicant to possess £162,500 in liquid capital and over £1.3 million in net worth.

Plan your venture. Scout out locations for your potential Foot Locker. Write a comprehensive business plan. You may want to hire professional business and legal consultants to aid you in the process.

Apply for the franchise. Contact Foot locker and request information about obtaining a franchise. You will have to apply for the franchise and obtain approval. Afterwards, you can negotiate the terms of your agreement.

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