How do I cook mini sweet peppers?

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You can prepare mini sweet peppers many different ways. These peppers can replace Bell peppers if you prefer the flavour or hot peppers if you do not enjoy the heat. The texture is the same making the small, colourful peppers a great addition to salads or main courses in order to brighten the appearance and add a bit of "pop" to the flavour.

Cut the top off the pepper in order to remove the stem. This leaves the top half of the pepper open with the seeds exposed.

Rinse the mini peppers under water getting all the seeds out of the centre. You can wash the small seeds directly down the drain.

Cut the peppers into small slices. You can do this so they are longer by cutting the length of the pepper or shorter by cutting the width. If you cut the width you will get nice mini pepper circles.

Heat a few tablespoons of olive oil over medium heat. The oil should be ready in about three to four minutes.

Dump the cut peppers in the pan with the oil and move the pieces around with a large spoon.

Cook the peppers for approximately four or five minutes, moving them around so the sides do not burn. The peppers should be soft but not mushy. The texture will still be slightly crispy upon biting down.

Preheat the oven to 177 degrees Celsius.

Slice the mini peppers vertically from stem to point on one side.

Open the pepper up gently and rinse out all of the seeds.

Place the mini peppers on a baking tray and put them in the middle rack of the oven.

Cook for eight to ten minutes. The peppers should just start to soften but not be mushy.

Remove the sheet from the oven and put the peppers on a serving plate. Serve immediately for best taste.

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