How to Make a Spiral in Microsoft Paint

For the most basic, simple tasks, sometimes using a basic, simple software is the best bet. When you're ready for some digital doodling and electronic artwork, check your computer for the Microsoft Paint software, available with the Windows operating system and usually found in the "Accessories" section. Paint's small collection of tools and uncluttered interface will have you quickly spiralling into an on-screen artist for whatever curlicues or curves are required.

Open Microsoft Paint. If the default canvas size -- typically whatever size was last used -- isn't appropriate for the spiral, click the "Paint" button in the top-left corner of the work area and select "Properties." Type the new dimensions into the "Width" and "Height" boxes, click the "Inches" radio button and click "OK."

Click a coloured box in the "Colors" section of the ribbon for the colour of the spiral.

Click the "Brushes" button on the ribbon. Select the first option, "Brush." Click the "Size" button and select the top/thinnest line.

Position the cursor at the middle top of the white Paint working area. Press and hold down the left mouse button, drag the cursor up and in an arc towards the right, then -- without releasing the mouse button -- form the spiral by drawing a corkscrew series of connected circles like a spring down toward the bottom of the canvas.

Release the left mouse button when satisfied. Click the "Paint" button. Click "Save As." Type a name for the spiral file and click the "Save" button.

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