How to Knit Your Own Headbands

ULTRA F/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Knitted headbands are simple projects for beginners, since they're quick to knit and measurements are not as crucial as when knitting larger garments. Knitted headbands are ideal projects to use up small quantities of leftover yarn.

Knitted headbands are suitable for both adults and children, and can be dressed up with bows, buttons, fabric flowers or embellishment to give them an individual flourish.

Cast on 10 stitches. Cast on more stitches if you prefer a wider headband, or fewer stitches to make the headband narrower. How many stitches you need will depend on the type of yarn you're using and the size of the needles.

Knit rows in a simple knit one, purl one rib until the headband is long enough to fit around your head. Knitting a ribbed stitch pattern will result in a reversible headband with both sides patterned the same. Knitting a garter stitch will give the same reversible result, or choose stocking stitch (knit one row plain, one row purl), to show a different stitch pattern on each side.

Cast off the stitches, and then sew the two ends of the headband together, using the tail of yarn left when casting on. If the tail of yarn isn't long enough, use a separate length of the same yarn and weave in the ends.