How to Make Your Own Fake Beauty Salon for Kids

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For a child's party or event, finding ways to keep the children entertained and engaged can be a challenge. Creating a beauty salon in your home can serve as a creative way to help keep children entertained at the gathering or party.

Even young girls enjoy being pampered and will have enthusiasm for taking part in a makeover. Ask adults and other parents to assist you in staffing the salon.

Establish what stations you want to include and designate space for each station. For example, you could have a hair station, make-up station, manicure station and pedicure station.

Stock each station with the appropriate tools, such as tables, chairs, mirrors, make-up products, hair products, nail polish, manicure and pedicure kits and even magazines and chair massage devices.

Decorate the salons with signs, such as "The Pampering Party Place." Cover furniture with soft linens and covers, scatter fluffy throw rugs and accent pillows around the room and light pleasant-smelling candles.

Assign someone to work each station. Assign someone to work as the "receptionist" as well. She can greet the girls and help distribute them to the stations and keep everyone rotating from station to station.

Choose someone to serve as a "floater" between stations. This person can bring the children snacks and beverages, assist the people working the stations and cater to the children taking part in the salon by bringing them magazines or changing radio stations, for example.

Take photos of the girls after they have been treated and pampered at each station, which will serve as a memento from the special day.