How to write a letter to your new commanding officer

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Writing a letter is an important etiquette skill. When you transfer to a new base in the military you can write a letter of introduction to the commanding officer of that base. You should ensure that you get the aspects of the letter in the correct format in the address, titles, format and tone of the letter. Writing a letter is a more formal method of contact over e-mail or phone conversations.

Write your address in the top right hand corner of the letter. This is not necessary if you are using headed notepaper. The address should read: Your name Your address Your city and post code

Your Phone Number


Write the address of the commanding officer on the left hand side of the page one line below the date. The officer's title should be written in full in the address typing.

Title (for example Lieutenant Colonel) Officer Commanding Base address City and post code

Write the greeting. Write "Dear" followed by the title of the officer. For longer titles such as "Lieutenant Colonel" you can shorten them to "Colonel".

Write the content of the letter. Include a paragraph introducing yourself. Also include contact information, your anticipated role and other information the commanding officer needs to know.

End with a salutation such as "Yours Sincerely," or "Yours Respectfully." Write your name below. Write your rank below your name and the military unit that you are part of. For example:

James Good

Sergeant Major, British Army

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