How to write a letter to a producer

Because they often are the impetus that gets creative endeavours off the ground, producers normally receive a continuous supply of letters and queries. These letters may originate from appreciative fans, wanting to congratulate the producer on her work, or it may come from creative artists, writers and actors, seeking work or involvement with the producer in certain projects. Learning a producer's home contact information is unlikely, but the company contact information is usually easily found on the Internet.

Visit the website of the producer's production company. The business contact information, including the mailing address and sometimes e-mail information, is often on the company's website.

Search an online database that contains business contact information for producers, along with other creative executives and employees. One such database is the Internet Movie Database Pro, It requires a subscription fee, but does offer a 14-day free trial, which requires credit card information. Done Deal Professional,, another subscription-based service, also has a database of producers and their contact information.

Call the producer's production company and ask the receptionist for the mailing address or e-mail, if the information is not in the online listing. Ask which method of contact is preferred, and verify the correct spelling of the producer's name with the receptionist.

Format the letter as a business letter, especially if you are approaching the producer for work or to consider your project. Write the producer's full name in the salutation.

State your reason for writing the letter. Introduce yourself, along with any professional qualifications or training you have. Be concise, and remember that producers are usually busy and must wade through an ocean of mail.

Describe your project briefly, in a compelling way to pique the producer's interest. Compare your project to any projects that the producer has previously worked on, or is currently working on. If this is simply a fan letter, briefly explain your admiration for the producer's work.

Encourage the producer to contact you if she is interested in pursuing the project, or taking a look at a more detailed description. Include your contact information.

Mail the letter to the producer, using either the postal service or e-mail.

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