How to Change the Eraser Size in Illustrator

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Mistakes are not simply mistakes in art -- at times they are integral parts of the creative process. For this reason, erasers are important tools in an artist's arsenal, and it's usually necessary to keep different types and sizes on hand. This is not the case when working with desktop publishing software such as Adobe Illustrator. The eraser tool is completely customisable, much like the calligraphic brush. Along with varying the size, graphic artists can easily change the angle and roundness of the stroke according to their design needs.

Launch Adobe Illustrator on your computer and find the eraser tool on the toolbar. If you don't see the toolbar, click "View" at the top of the screen and select "Toolbar."

Double click the eraser tool to bring up the options dialogue box.

Click in the box next to "Diameter" and type in a specific number, or click and drag the arrow underneath to quickly change the eraser size.

Click in the boxes next to "Angle" and "Roundness" and type in different values if you'd like to further customise the eraser.

Preview your options in the small white square at the top of the dialogue box, then click "OK."

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