How to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy in a Long Distance Relationship

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With the advent of online dating, more and more people are forming connections with people in far-flung corners of the globe. The long-distance relationship is therefore commonplace. Keeping your girlfriend happy will take creativity and dedication, and a healthy dose of optimism and effort will go a long way.

No matter how far apart you are from your girlfriend, you can keep your relationship strong and healthy.

Make the effort to see your girlfriend in person as often as time and money allows. Regular visits can make a big difference in the longevity and satisfaction of a long-distance relationship, giving your girlfriend something concrete to look forward to and keep her invested in and fulfilled by the relationship.

Take advantage of advances in technology to stay in touch. For example, if you have a webcam, you can do video chats and see each other's faces frequently. With text messages, e-mail, instant messaging services, and various social networking sites, you can remain in regular contact between visits. Keeping each other informed of the routine, daily aspects of your lives will help prevent you from slowly growing apart.

Send letters using the postal service. Nowadays, fewer people mail personal letters because of the ease of electronic mail, so a romantic exchange through "snail mail" would be different and unexpected. A long, personal letter written on nice stationary and scented with your cologne will be a memorable gesture.

Schedule regular phone calls. Hearing your partner's voice will help you both feel more connected. This form of communication allows you to hear each other's tone of voice and is therefore ideal for discussing important subjects and expressing emotions.

Remember important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and St. Valentine's Day. Add these dates to a planner and set reminders well in advance. Celebrating special occasions together will create happy memories and reassure your girlfriend that you are sharing each other's lives despite long distances.

Send your girlfriend presents as regularly as you would in a short-distance relationship. Many online shopping sites offer free delivery, so the distance should not affect the frequency of gift-giving. Choosing thoughtful presents will show you are committed to maintaining your girlfriend's happiness.