How to fix a laptop charger input

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Laptop computers typically get power from two sources: the AC/DC adaptor cord, and the lithium ion battery. The AC/DC adaptor plugs into the electrical socket and connects into the input charger jack in the computer. Most laptop computer batteries can carry a charge for up to three hours.

After that, the laptop will need power for the adaptor cord. If the input charger jack is malfunctioning, it will need repair before your computer can charge from the adaptor cord.

Set the computer face down. Remove screws from the bottom with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull off the case cover and place the screws and cover in a safe location for later.

Loosen and remove the screws connecting the hard drive housing. Slide off the housing and pull out the hard drive.

Engage the battery release lever with your fingers and take out the battery. Store the battery in a safe location for later.

Undo the latch that secures the computer screen, using your fingers. Pull the screen away from the rest of the computer but leave the wires intact. Set the laptop to the side.

Hold the blade of a flathead screwdriver against the indentation on the right side of the computer, slightly above the keyboard. Firmly push against the handle with your hand to pry up the edge of the keyboard bezel. Remove the bezel and set it aside.

Unscrew the screws holding the keyboard and remove it. Place it face down and pull out the ribbons connecting the keyboard to the motherboard.

Find the metal jack that is attached to the motherboard. The jack most likely has moved out of place, which is the reason it is not working. If this is the case, reinsert the jack into the grooves and add glue for extra security. If the jack is damaged, replace it where the old one was and add glue.

Reassemble the laptop. Start by reconnecting the keyboard ribbons to the motherboard and replacing the keyboard. Replace the screws on the keyboard bezel. Put the screen back and redo the latches. Slide the hard drive back in place and replace the housing. Replace the battery and cover. Turn on the computer and test the power jack.